Stoner Boatworks Prides Itself on Making Unique Boats for the Avid Fisherman.

Our hand crafted sport fishing boats are made with the best quality materials to assure you a distinct experience on the water. We are not your average boat builder and can provide any custom option for any boater.

It all began over 20 years ago on the pristine waters of Biscayne Bay. Josh Stoner, a young fisherman, had a vision for a fishing vessel that combined the best aspects of all sport fishing boats without compromising elegance. After years working on a spec design Stoner Boatworks was born.

The tradition lives on at Stoner Boatworks, with high quality, custom fishing boats built to your exact specifications. Using only the finest materials and the latest technology along with extremely durable hull designs, a Stoner boat provides you with the ultimate fishing experience combined with a timeless style.

Stoner 20'

The Stoner 20′ Abaco Skiff is the perfect little boat for everyone.


Stoner 23'

The Stoner 23′ is a mix between a “Palm Beach” and a “Carolina” style of boats.


Stoner 26'

The Stoner 26′ is a “Carolina style” center console type of boat.



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